Beloved Not Broken ~ An 8-Week Women's Bible Study

     Travel with me on this 8-week journey of personal stories woven together with some amazing 

     women of the Bible. You will be encouraged in your own journey as you discover how you are truly

     special and deeply loved!




I am busy working on my next book project. This next project is completely different from Beloved Not Broken.

I can now announce my Trademark THEOSYNTHESIS® has been accepted! So what is this you ask? Well, Theos means God, and Synthesis is a complex whole formed by combining. Therefore, when you seek out our almighty God, He is our source of power, energy, and reason for being here. When we plug into Him, we are complete. When we put Him on the back burner or choose to not follow Him, we are out of balance and we are not whole.

God designed us to know Him yet it is still our choice. Through this topic, I hope to share how God wishes to connect with you and how by doing so, you can be tapped in to Him directly. Wow!

Keep checking back as I will update as this project develops!