Women's Retreats

This was taken at a 10 mile race only 3 months after loosing my left lung. Not boasting rights but survival rights! 

Yes, it hurt like hell, yet I was determined to get out of bed and defeat the odds! It took will power and a wonderful support team.

Life coaching can be just what you need after hearing the devastating life-changing news from a doctor.

I will walk, run, or hold your hand as you navigate the scary course of illness, surgery or loss!

Having the opportunity to share my stories in an intimate, retreat-style setting is a true blessing to me. The real-life situations that we all go through can either DEFINE us or REFINE us! God desires for us to share our stories in order to ease the pain that someone else is going through.

The Beloved Not Broken Retreat curriculum was developed for women that is real and authentic. We laugh, we cry and we peel back the layers of hurt as we look through the pages of Scripture of God's people whom He walked beside through the wilderness. My real-life stories woven through some of the amazing women of the Bible, will take you on a journey of healing, introspection and will help all move forward out of brokenness and into boldness! 

Contact me today to discuss booking your women's retreat! I can lead a large group or even create a small, intimate event at a lake house, beach house or other smaller residence. Whatever it is that you are looking for, we can work together to create a perfect retreat experience.

  • Weekend women's retreats
  • Private groups, small groups
  • Tailor the event for your needs
  • One day events ~ Half day events
  • Need a speaker? 
  • Teacher training, In-service training/speaker
  • Conferences
  • Special events

An intimate weekend Women's Retreat is a great way to renew with your family, co-worker's, organizational team, a special friendship group or other. We spend time on discussing brokenness, healing, ways to care for yourself, digging deep into ourselves and learning that our broken times can bring about wonderful blessings.

I will work with you and your location, budget and topic.  Contact me today so we can discuss the perfect retreat for you!

Here are some photos from a retreat that in Galveston, Texas:


What is a Life Coach?

Clarity in your life will blur the lines of confusion!

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Wellness Workshops

If you have ever been an athlete, a musician or learned a skill from a teacher or coach, you understand the importance of the relationship between the coach and a student.

Life coaching is a tool used to come along side, encourage, challenge, mentor and help you get to that next level, jump that hurdle in life or to finally break out of yourself and live the life you were meant to live!

Isn't it amazing that we will spend thousands of dollars on new clothes, a fitness routine, etc. yet we simply don't invest in ourselves? Life coaching is just that, an investment in YOU!

Contact me today to schedule a FREE pre-coaching session with no strings attached. It may be just what you need to move forward! What have you got to lose?

My first job out of college fresh with a degree in Biology was in the newly discovered field of wellness. At the time (in the early 80's), wellness was just coming on to the scene. We were on the cutting edge of the wellness explosion and I have been involved in one form of this movement for over 40 years.

I am PASSIONATE about sharing the things that I have learned in my lifework with others. My personal journey from sickness to health has been interesting yet has afforded me with a wealth of information and education. 

Topics that I teach are basic Health & Wellness, Emotional Patterns, Recognizing the Negative Energy in Your Life, DIY Non-toxic products and more!

Contact me today to discuss conducting a workshop for your group of friends, reading club, women's group, small group, business group or other. I can tailor a workshop just for you! Can't wait to visit with you more about this.